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Fashion design depicts the inspiration of art, culture, aesthetics, natural beauty and social attitudes to clothing and its accessories. Fashion designers work in different ways. Some sketch their ideas on paper, while others drape fabric on a dress form. We work with your concept and turn it into a production friendly design.

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Attaining the physical components for your garments is the most important part of your project. We have an extensive database of fabric and trim suppliers that cater to even the most particular needs. 
Our team is dedicated to sourcing multiple options for fabrics and trims required for your product. With this service, we discuss your needs and provide you with the materials that are only from wholesale suppliers or mills direct.
It is important to us to provide you with fabrics that offer continuous supply so you have continuity for your product and re-orders. We also believe prototyping in your final fabric is the best way to ensure your final product result.

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We have the ability to create patterns from scratch. We specialize in men's, women's, children's garments.
The CAD system we use is Optitex which is a software used worldwide and is compatible with most all other software brands.  The files created by Optitex are exportable in .pds, .dxf, .aama+.rul, .cdl, .ai, .pdf. Pattern digitizing is cost-effective and time-efficient. It also allows easy access to your garment pattern and offers many benefits.

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Labels are an essential component of the brand and marketing of garments. They communicate to consumers the brand name, garment size, country of manufacture, care, and content information. If you do not already have your own brand, care, size labels, hangtags -  we are happy to develop these for you.

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Transforming creative design ideas and concepts into production quality garments. We work with you to develop and construct a perfect fit and design. During this process, we create prototypes, but also develop methods in which the product will be manufactured efficiently with the best quality.

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Pattern grading is the process of turning base size or sample size patterns into additional sizes using a size specification sheet or grading increments. 
Typically the first pattern is developed in one size and is graded up and down to your size standards. We can follow your existing grade rules or establish them for you by guiding you through making a body size chart for your brand.
Technical specification sheets are quality control documents that are used to instruct the making of your garment. They set up parameters for construction methods, sizing standards and raw materials used.

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Garments are sent to the dye plant to be processed in any variety of colors or methods to match the customer’s request. Garments are normally constructed from PFD (prepared for dye) fabric for this purpose. Dyed or washed garments are 100% pre-shrunk.

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Your imagination gets a surface as we are equipped to offer all kinds of printing (Sublimation printing -digital, screen-  block) which your collection may require. We have a huge selection of in-house designs for garments or fabric but we can also make anything you desire.
Other features such as sequins, foils, embroidery, studs and many more are also applied. 

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